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Armorsil West Africa | Waterproofing, Admixtures Construction Chemical in Nigeria


PCE Based Accelerating Admixture for Concrete and Mortar

Product Description

ARMORCEL 300® is a non-chloride PCE based concrete set accelerator, ready-to-use liquid admixture. It accelerates initial setting time one to three times faster than normal mortar and concrete without adversely affecting other properties of concrete and mortar.

ARMORCEL 300 improves workability and strength while hastening the hydration of cement. It makes the mix easier to place and speeds construction by shortening the initial set and curing time without resulting in slump loss. Time and labor are saved because forms and other protection can be removed earlier and finishing can be started.

Early Strength Concrete: ARMORCEL 300 Accelerator delivers excellent results in normal and hot weather conditions where very high early strengths are required. Conventional accelerators promote early stiffening of the concrete, making it unworkable within a short period of time.